Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hiker Mishka!

River walker Mishka!

Checking out the beautiful scenery on the hillside...

Sisters on a hike together!


Walk through the river valley, looking to throw a couple rocks in the river.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Duck ponds, rivers, and mountains

River running along the park road

Now entering Glacier...

Stylin' mommy!

Rock hopping

Pensive by the pond

On our way to Whitefish

The girls walking around the park

Coffee shop in Whitefish where daddy db got his caffiene fix

Along side Glacier Nat'l park in West Glacier

"Hey Mish, look over there..."


April days a gustin'

A little commentary while mother nature gave us a piece of her mind...during this particular storm there was minimal accumulation as the wind gusts got up to 60 + gets LOUD with the wind up here :) A couple days later it was sunny, dry and 50, the next day we got snow for 2's now 60's, blue skies and lots of little creeks have popped up!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outside Boise

Mishka put on her special glasses....

Rockies on the northside...

Rockies on the southside :)

More family and friends

Fast friends: Mishka & Anya!

Mishka helping auntie Karen by licking the bowl clean!

Connor & Mishka

Mishka and the originator of the "Favorite Uncle John" song...

Mishka and the originator of the "Favorite Uncle Tom" song :)

Mish with the fam

Rockin the birthday hat...maybe a month early :)

Have some cake!!

Hanging with Mimi and auntie Karen

Showing off Callie's b-day cake


Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Montana hiker

Here's a quick pic of Mishka hiking right outside our house...there will be more Nevada pics to follow, but we just wanted to drop a quick pic of what's going on with us here now! :)


Mommy & Mishka checking out Lake Tahoe

Mountains and lakes :)

Lady of the lake!

Look over there!

T'was a wee bit snowy to do any sunbathing on the beach...

I love Nevada...bounce bounce bounce

Mishka had alot of firsts on this trip like ice skating (as posted before!) or in this case, jumping on a trampoline!!!! :)